Scuderia Corsa Racing Activities to be Offset by the Florestal Santa Maria Forestry Project in the Amazon Rainforest

In advance of the #Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, Scuderia Corsa Ferrari announces their partnership with AitherCO2/Ambiente Group to become the first-ever carbon neutral racing team. Click here for more information, including a map of the project.

Photo by Bob Chapman, Autosport Image

Photo by Bob Chapman, Autosport Image

Racing activities will be offset by the Florestal Santa Maria Forestry Project in the Amazon Rainforest. The FSM-REDD Project, proposed by Florestal Santa Maria S/A (FSM), is located in Colniza Municipality, Mato Grosso, Brazil. This region is part of the Brazilian Amazon and known as Deforestation Arch, due to the intense deforestation pressure. As an alternative to combat this, FSM-REDD Project estimates the avoidance of 29,923,331 tCO2 throughout 30 years within Fazenda Florestal Santa Maria – private land owned by FSM, comprising 71,714 ha. of native forest. FSM is committed to local socio-environmental development. Project activities encompass a partnership with a neighboring State Park, promoting local initiatives to create fire brigades. Also, FSM will create together with Colniza City Hall, technical forestry schools targeting education of local youngsters.

As announced by the team principal, Giacomo Mattioli: “I would like to announce that Scuderia Corsa is proud to be the first racing team in the Tudor United Sports Car Championship Series to have implemented a voluntary carbon offset program. Developed with AitherC02, the program invests in environmentally significant programs to help offset the carbon footprint.”

AitherCO2’s CEO, Jacopo Visetti added: “We are very proud to be supporting Ferrari’s efforts to be the first racing team to address new environmental challenges that motorsport as a whole is facing. This cooperation is an important testimony to the fact that our continued effort in North America is paying off.”

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