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Our consultants use their in-depth knowledge to deliver client-focused research in the carbon markets that allows clients to achieve high returns through a wide range of ideas and services. Our clients can rely on:

  • Regular commentary
  • Robust forecasting tools
  • Analysis on short and long term trends

We provide a principal advisory service so that our clients remain informed. This includes:

  • Newsletters on environmental markets
  • Updates on market events and policy developments
  • Industry specific analyses of new environmental policies
  • Macroeconomic data analysis
  • Price and trend forecasts
  • OTC market data reports
  • Consultants available for inquiries and assistance

We support clients by developing tailored solutions that align and adapt to specific business strategies. A consultancy exercise with Ambiente Group is built around three pillars:

  • Understanding the needs of your business
  • Designing a tailored solution
  • Implementing the solution and integrating it with your business strategy

We offer training services to our clients for their specific market and needs and then allow clients to choose between implementing a trading desk or utilizing Ambiente Group's trading services. Our training focuses on the following subjects:

  • Market overview and regulatory compliance
  • Market dynamics and trends
  • Emission allowances: an asset, not a cost
  • Allowances portfolio management
  • Trading: how to operate in the market
  • Advanced instruments for risk hedging and cost management: swaps, futures, options and lending