Company Overview

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Ambiente Group was founded by a team of professional consultants and traders with expertise in various backgrounds covering banking, risk management, commodities, energy, academia, and public policy. We specialize in assisting companies in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with carbon emissions reduction regulations. Ambiente Group is the North American subsidiary of AitherCO2. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, AitherCO2 has supported more than 600 clients across all industry sectors with individually tailored consulting and trading services since operations began in 2010. Learn more about AitherCO2 involvement in environmental markets across the globe.

All of our services are based on our values that we uphold in order to build mutual trust with our clients, as well with employees. These values are:

  • Credibility: Delivering what we promise and creating value for our clients is essential for us, as our aim is to be a reliable business partner.
  • Commitment: We work hard to get to know our clients. Aligning goals with the customers’ needs and ensuring being a client is a pleasant experience are both imperative factors for us.
  • Competence: We pursue excellence in everything we do and we strive to bring our knowledge to clients by providing fast and reliable services.
  • Transparency: By supporting entities across all industries and delivering transparency to the North American market we aim to contribute every day to a more efficient emissions market.

Our Five Pillars of operations set us apart from our competitors:

1. Analysis – We offer a thorough analysis of the situation of the client by our experienced consultants. Within our trading activities, we offer tailor-made transactions to suit your specific needs.

2. Security - We eliminate counterparty risk for our clients, by offering pre-delivery or prepayment by us, clearing of OTC transactions through the ICE, and/or bank guarantees and letters of credit.

3. Simplicity - We offer 1) no transaction fees, 2) simple, non-exclusive contracts, and 3) easy payments through bank transfers.

4. Execution - We execute every order in the most efficient way possible in terms of price, speed and any other variable important to the client.  There is no minimum transaction volume or standard lot size requirements.

5. Transparency - Environmental markets are non-transparent and suffer from information asymmetry. We change these fundamentals by supplying our clients with information on prices, regular news updates, and complimentary training.