Ambiente Group is supported by AitherCO2, a major trading house within environmental markets with an extensive presence worldwide. With our collective experience and proven success in the emissions trading, and one of the most significant environmental trading desks in the world by volume, we guarantee fast and reliable services for our clients.

  • We offer a wide range of products to suit each client's corporate strategy: spot trading, target pricing, average pricing, index pricing, futures trading, forwards trading, and options trading.
  • Advanced structured products are available to perfectly align your asset management with your business strategy: swaps, repo agreement, lending operations, borrowing operations, and outsourcing.
  • In addition to Carbon allowances, offset credits that represent a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases, are available to compensate for or offset emissions. All offset credits are generated by projects that reduce GHG emissions. All credits must undergo a third-party verification process.

AitherCO2 also employs a strong commodities team to provide strategic solutions to clients & services in three macro-areas: Energy, Metals, and Fertilizers. Through a professional network of traders and originators, our clients benefit from a highly tailored approach to their needs in terms production and logistics challenges. The Commodities division offers commentaries and trading of supply, price and trend forecasts, and macro-economic factors analysis.